Images that capture Ipswich as a characteristically historical, contemporary and vibrant city undergoing change can assist in promoting ‘new ways of seeing’ that in turn have the potential to change public perceptions. This is crucial for the future redevelopment of the city and for attracting tourism and business. With this in mind we have a range of products and services.

Ipswich Art Cards and Bookmarks

We have available a range of archival quality, photographic Ipswich Art Cards and bookmarks designed by artist and photographer LeAnne Vincent that are marketed towards visitors to the region as well as residents and local business.

Catering for your business needs

We also service local businesses and organisations wanting to promote themselves and Ipswich.

• Contemporary Artistic Photography: Depicting your business and/or products as vibrant, fresh and innovative.

• Promotional Products: Cards, bookmarks and badges designed to promote businesses as distinctively Ipswich.

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